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idea to gain kernal acces

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idea to gain kernal acces

Post by goldensuns » Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:37 am

idea is that to edit 6.35 ofw in some type of frimware editer or hex editer and just change its version number to 6.38 so it can be updated on 6.37 ofw just change the frimware name to 6.35 to 6.38 and after that we have kernal expliot due to it was orginally 6.35 and just a name of 6.38 to expliot.and then install that frimware in psp and u know how to make it sign And then we apply old expliots and gain acces to kernel
iam not a psp programer iam yahoo expliot programer so i buy psp from my friend with ofw 6.37 so after studing about for two or three days i come to that piont i wish i can do but i cant i have no experience in it

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Re: idea to gain kernal acces

Post by JJS » Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:46 am

This will not work. Obviously you cannot just edit the version number, in fact you cannot edit any encrypted firmware file without causing it to not run anymore. Also this is probably the most obvious idea ever and therefore would have been used and patched five years ago (if it would have been at all possible that is).

Wrong forum section btw.


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