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my hbl

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my hbl

Post by littlehacker »

i downloaded hbl svn r113
then compile it and it makes some new files
but nothing like an eboot or something that the psp can read is created.
what should i do?
psp 3004 6.20
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Re: my hbl

Post by m0skit0 »

You are really a good hacker. With this you've broken 4 rules:
  • Not reading the rules
  • Posting where you should not
  • Double posting
  • Not putting a descriptive subject to your message
  • Naming yourself a "hacker" when you don't even know which files to put where
This sincerely deserves a direct ban for 5 simultaneous warnings, although I'll be a good mod so you don't vote me -2 on some thread...
I wanna lots of mov al,0xb
"just not into this RA stuffz"

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