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xbox one cmdline project

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xbox one cmdline project

Post by ivo2376 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:07 pm

jslinux as known since 2011
jslinux-mobile since 2018
then there is node and node-jslinux and jslinux and typed-array
typed-array porting to new typed-array***working (help needed)
to help get jslinux installed via node so we can run node-jslinux
jslinux cmd
depends on (7years ago)
depends on

now typed-array gives an error when i try to installed it globally along side for the other
something about node-waf configure build
but now there is only node-gyp so some quick changes that make me dazzle and need help
but ofc since june there allso jslinux-mobile tho

i get this far ...
this output of adding binding.gyp and edit package.json
node-waf configure build
replaced by
node-gyp configure build

Code: Select all

  "targets": [
      "target_name": "binding",
      "sources": [ "" ]
then it start doing something i cant understand the error
by doing npm install -g in typedarray from git dir

So basicly this node-jslinux depends on jslinux and npm install -g jslinux need some help in typed-array
If somehow we could get this going in 2018 and port it into a xbox one cmdline w32 app maybe we could service
the xbox one webbrowser jslinux-mobile or jslinux or node jslinux cmdline via libreadline-dev or some

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