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Soul Saga Beta Giveway! - CLOSED-

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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by Light_Xela »

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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by atreyu187 »

OMG Airships and JRPG elements? From what I have seen its an awesome blend of Grandia, Skies of Arcadia and Chocbos!! The art is simply amazing from what I have seen thus far. While it may be a while before I can afford to obtain it myself a key would be amazing just due to the memeoires I I have of SoA and Grandia 2 on my beloved Dreamcast!! It also has a hint of FF Tactics on the PS1 and GBA.
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by mrpickles221 »

Wow I'd seen some stuff about this game, but it looks great. I'd love to try it out, I love JRPGs and everything about this, from what I've seen. I still plan on getting this!
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by SkylineReign »

I would love to be a part of this games development. Seems like it could set a new standard in the MMORPG world.
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by RiotDX »

By combining all of the best parts of classic SNES/PSX era JRPGS into one game, they've created one epic smorgasbord of RPG goodness. We're talking the gaming equivalent of a 5-pound burrito stuffed to the brim with steak, cheese, rice, beans, jalepenos, nachos, salsa, guacamole, and whatever other mexican foods you like, with a giant chimichanga in the center. And that tortilla on the outside? Look closer and you'll find it's actually a giant quesadilla.

I've been following this game since it was announced, and I am quite excited for its release. The art style for this game reminds me of the first RPG I ever bought, Breath of Fire 2 on the Super Nintendo, back when I was 10. More importantly, it offers two views on the story, one from the perspective of the heroes, and the other of the villains! This is quite literally the mother lode for an old-school JRPG fan like myself. You can practically feel how much the developers of this game love JRPGS just by reading about all the elements they've put into it.
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by ken2802 »

I dont really know what do say beside i love jrpg and the game looks promising. But since i doubt i will win anyways i will just leave it at that ^^"
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by digitalkid56 »

Cuz I contributez making themez and beta testing apps/hacks/modz from the interwebz for you guys. Lend what little knowledge i have to those that can't read far enough for themselves, and simply because I'm cheap and I don't like to pay if I can get it free. :)
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by LambdaTeos »

Why do i want one?

Well, i honestly think i can give a good review... that's it
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by deferet »

Here's my answer to convince you on my worthiness of a key. I haven't played a really good RPG in a long while, and I have 2 kids which take all of my money and time, and what little time I have, and no money I would very much like to play a really good RPG.
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by MANMichail »

This is the best game to start learning how to create only one alone with huge help of people-funs this game.I want to know how do this but also test the process of creating such game. I want to start my own game development history, I think this game a good chanse to achieve this goal.
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