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GC Lite 1.6 and PSOne folders/problems with TN-X

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Strider Hiryu
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GC Lite 1.6 and PSOne folders/problems with TN-X

Post by Strider Hiryu »

Hello. I was able to figure out how to configure the folders to show up on TN-V by using the options under System Settings (after installing GC Lite). I prepared an Emulators, Utilities, and PSOne folder inside my /GAMES folder and a PSP folder inside my /ISO folder. My only problem was that when I ran TN-X through my exploited game, it did not detect any PSOne titles. I know that TN-X expects these games to be in the root of /GAMES, but I was wondering if there was any way to configure it to detect them inside the subfolder (PSOne).

Thanks for your help :).
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Re: GC Lite 1.6 and PSOne folders/problems with TN-X

Post by satan89 »

/PSP/GAME/CAT_PSX/folder/EBOOT.PBP is what its supposed to look like iirc. Don't have a PSP near me to check it right now but give this a shot.
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