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Slide+ Plugin (Only for PSPgo)

Plugins for PSPs running on 6.XX
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Re: Slide+ Plugin (Only for PSPgo)

Post by KennyWongYL »

reprep wrote:i know i am resurrecting an old thread but i made a very simple change to this plugin and i hope someone else can benefit from this too.

There is a version 1.1 of this plugin (which isn't posted here) which lets you disable the plugin (go to normal psp go clock) if you hold a button while sliding. its default is L trigger though it can be changed via the .ini file. so if you just slide your psp go, the screen goes off, cpu minimized (perfect when i am using psp for mp3 player) and if you hold L trigger while sliding you get your psp clock. With my hack which consists of 1 line code, if you hold R trigger while sliding, it goes to standby. Unfortunately R trigger value is hardcoded and can't be changed via .ini file, though it is easy to change if requested.

To sum it up:

1)Slide the PSP go (display goes off and cpu is reduced perfect to save battery when playing music)
2)Slide the PSP go while holding L trigger (normal panel close behaviour, it goes to the clock in XMB)
3)Slide the PSP go while holding R trigger (goes to sleep mode)

all credit goes to frostegater:

Thanks for updating
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Re: Slide+ Plugin (Only for PSPgo)

Post by frostegater »

great :)
p.s. I've just forgot that its my plugin xD
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Re: Slide+ Plugin (Only for PSPgo)

Post by leecherman »

here is an updated version to change the R trigger value via .ini file:
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Re: Slide+ Plugin (Only for PSPgo)

Post by reprep »

Here is the version 1.1c. Fixed a bug where screen was disabled when resuming from standby if brightness variable wasn't set prior.
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Re: Slide+ Plugin (Only for PSPgo)

Post by grimm »

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread again, especially as my first post. But the download link for the 1.1c version is no longer valid, and the extra feature sounded great to me. Any chance of a new upload?
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Re: Slide+ Plugin (Only for PSPgo)

Post by manuelx98 »

Up for a 1.1c mirror?
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