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Xmb_Rco_Patcher v4

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Xian Nox
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Re: Xmb_Rco_Patcher v4

Post by Xian Nox »

brendancire wrote:thank y0u s0 much xian nox..
keep up your go0d work..
Yes, I will.
Now, for others to know how his problem got solved: reinstalled xmb_rco_patcher.
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Re: Xmb_Rco_Patcher v4

Post by Smalik »

Hi, i'm new on this forum and i downloaded "Xmb_Rco_Patcher".
I placed xmb_rco_patcher in PSP/GAME, wrote in the vsh menu and put RCO folder in the root of the memorystic.
i launched the homebrew everything works but when i restart my psp nothing changed :(
everyone can help me please
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