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[GAME] G.D.P. [Updated] 28/May

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Ragin Raiden
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Re: [GAME] G.D.P.

Post by Ragin Raiden »

Awesome,an 3-d shooter
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General Jewel
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Re: [GAME] G.D.P.

Post by General Jewel »

Supreb looking homebrew title! Very nice arcade shoot em up, looking forward to future complete versions! Hope there is epic boss battles at end of each stage :D Excellent work.
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Re: [GAME] G.D.P.

Post by poisonedhrt »

wow nc will try this later
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Re: [GAME] G.D.P.

Post by shaplayer »

DeViaNTe wrote:Hi there! I'm proud to present my currently on-progress homebrew G.D.P. If all goes as planned, soon I will update the game with an history-line, many stages and bosses. Currently only game-mechanics are finished. (Stage management, enemies management, weapons... saves...) so... time for modelling!

Homebrew: G.D.P.
Author: DeViaNTe
Type: Game - Arcade
Languages: 2 [English / Spanish] - Lang of PSP or english by default.
Progress: Game-mechanics finished. Time for enemies and stages!

And, it's better one image than thousand words... so... let's make a video, better than... thousands of thousands of words?
Youtube video:
I'm very happy with this homebrew, currently unfinished, but having a fully original OST (by me).
Game is programmed in Lua, using my own interpreter LuaDEV. (Cool, yah?)
Full 3D, cellshading, multithreading... Lua will be becoming as useful as C!

Well, updates asap!

For those wanna test:

ISO 14.mb :
PBP (unsigned) :
PBP signed (and shrinked) : thx to toBsucht

Full game... erh... full homebrew, will come with upgradable weapons, many more scenarios and original soundtrack.

If anyone could sign the eboot, post a comment and I will update this thread. And, any comment, suggestion or flame are welcomed!

So... don't wait.. just post anything below.
Waiting for the Release of LuaDEV......:D
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Re: [GAME] G.D.P.

Post by Baconation »

Very awesome this could go pretty far in the competition rankings.
Just based off of the video I can tell you:

1. There could be a little less tilt when moving left and right. (very small amount)
2. needs to be other types of fighting so you don't just hold down the fire button the whole time. (guided rockets, lasers)
3. there definatley needs to be boss battles.
4. add more scenery to the landscape (randomly generated flower patches, pebbles, easter eggs) to distract the player/make the game look better.

Also I you might have plans to add these later but here are some general game ideas.

1. Add 3 or 4 different ships to choose from and color choice
2. Special missions like target practice or speed challenges
3. a area to choose what weapons to bring with you on levels
4. character levels and achievements

Once again, this is just from watching the video so don't be surprised if i mention something that's already there.
Retired Mod
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Re: [GAME] G.D.P.

Post by TiPi »

Looks pretty awesome. :)
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Re: [GAME] G.D.P.

Post by eXaphor »

Agreed, rarely seen game like that for homebrew. Nice one.
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Re: [GAME] G.D.P.

Post by nisarg_kolhe »

@DeViaNTe It crashed when i changed the controls to analog and i'm using cso version btw the game i awesome waiting for more levels! :)
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Re: [GAME] G.D.P.

Post by DeViaNTe »

nisarg_kolhe wrote:@DeViaNTe It crashed when i changed the controls to analog and i'm using cso version btw the game i awesome waiting for more levels! :)
Heh, thx for the reply, bug was already fixed for the next version, problem was that the luaplayer was trying to read the pic1 from "eboot.bpb", and there was no pbp, cause of the cso / iso version, so it crashes when trying to save. Thx for the report! Really appreciated.
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Re: [GAME] G.D.P.

Post by The_Black_Panther »

Looks awesome.. Will try this today..
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