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Genesis compo - All entries

Submit your entry for the competition here.
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Genesis compo - All entries

Post by wololo » Mon Feb 14, 2011 10:54 am

The final list of entries can be found below.
You can now vote for your favorite entry here: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=6932 , while the judges will have a separate vote for the "big" winners.

Really annoying level game by (|EcLiPsE|)
Brainstorm number By Sasuke78200
cubemania by Sand3r
Kingom Of War PSP by UnlimitedX
Feeling Demo by Shaolan
Island Wars for PSP by JamesCutter
Mindcraft by perli55
Save the Sun by orezero
Take the BALL by fede94boss
The world's hardest game by Irving Prog
T-Darlinko Overdose by Uspeed and Darlinko
Aereo by Sting18
Mobile Skat by Failbit
MineSweeper by Ryp
SquareForce by Akabane87
SpaceCraft by NautiluS1
3D Roll by Chimecho
B-Gen by Okapako & CrystalSwordsman
BBGD (Become a bodyguard) by Alface
Lightning by Yosh
Nazi Zombies Portable by Jukki + team
PSPBriscola by Rinnegatamante
Brainboxer Beta by ASKidwai
Ballshot Beta by D!S
LameCraft by Drakon
G.D.P. by DeViaNTe
Cross Crisis by PSPKOR
Soul Eater: Training for a Meister by fullarms
Medieval Escape by chicky
Micro Zig Zag Racer v0.95 BETA by Boujack
Company by nakano
TankePX by MABZ
SerpientePX by klozz
Cálë by D-T-K
Platform Portable by Benjamin999
Icy Tower portable by kacperski1
Mind Reader by walook
Amoebax PSP Port by Riviera71
Silveredge by AndrewYY
PSPScrabble by Leojava
Puzzle Square by chus
Deadly Garden by JamesCutter
Sokoban Remake by BuciMaci88
PSP FTW! 2D by HardHat
Kobo Deluxe port by Riviera71
Beware of the Square by SolidCakeS
Evil Teddy by Alchemy Studios
Toy wars (update) by Davidgf
TimeCube The Game! 2.0 by Razzlegames
Desert Stunts by Gorglucks
p0rtal 2d: maker by SinkeWS
Maze Effects 3.4 Lettres by highronn1
3G - Genesis Gravity Game by chocodino
gSquare by Geecko
Tropas Aereas by luizaoooo
Asalto De Los Cuadrados by Léo
Lost In Space - Asteroid Mission by fullarms (previously known as polygun wars asteroid mission)

Localizer™ by Draan
PSP3DPlugin by PSPWizard
Aloader by ardi
USpeed Profile Manager by USpeed
NewSlide by Afrothunder
PRXshot by codestation
PowerFlashLight+ by Mixery [email protected]
PowerPad_Light by 743acid743
CustomHOME by ABCanG
PSP Power Controller by SnyFbSx
pshider v1.0 by jok3r
Krap-psp v1.8 by kenma9123
Monster Hunter Save Converter by svanheulen
Shell Plugin Package V1 by ArnoldBronson
pprefs.prx by hiroi01
PSProtectMySystem by FraPSP98

RecoveryMenu by KaZT.U
Seplugins Manager by 5h4d0w
YAPM Plugins Manager by Strangelove
Sepulka - Selective Plugin Loader by C4TuRd4Y
PsPixel by Kinow
Any Language Study by Nakano
iDrum by Benjamin999
Beatbox by Babkock
DORAKZ by djbevan
PSP Idoser by Duende68
PSP Installer by Spike_132000
Pro B4 Custom Firmware by Coldbird and Virtuous Flame
Autographer by 10$man
Lock The Folder by Knopper
Shell v0.72 by ArnoldBronson
HomebrewStore by HomebrewStore Development Team
PSP Claw Explorer by cam-maker
pergame_edit by wn
VSH & Recovery Menu Flasher by Deutschlands1 and Doeppy
Lua Tool by Shaplayer
Easy 6.20 Dualboot by Rinnegatamante Browser by criptych
Hide Your Folders by Punker69
The Fake Brick 0.2 by Th3Alien
6.38 Downgrader by some1
NMS by ASKidwai
BattINF by Frostegater
PSPsych by Monk9899
OpenTube by Biscottealacrevette
BeastieBox by Dman49
PSP Battery Timer (nyan flavor!) by snailface
Xmb_Rco_Patcher by DarkGiovy
Easy 6.20 Installer by fede94boss
USB Server by thecobra
XPlora 02 by ne0h
PSP Util by Arage 56
Folder Check v0.1 by shaplayer
All Install by OuterHeaven
If you need US PSN Codes, this technique is what I recommend.

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