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[Tutorial]Recovering corrupt save after updating.

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[Tutorial]Recovering corrupt save after updating.

Post by xaldino » Sat Nov 21, 2015 12:33 pm

Using savegame deemer
the things we need:
- The firmware you had before (with HEN or Custom Firmware), whose saves are corrupt
- The game that fails to load the corrupt bailouts
- the Save files
- A computer or a file manager for PSP(psp filer can fufill this purpose)
- hellcat's savegame deemer plugin

1) Unzip this archive into the root of memory stick (or what we term such as "Drive E:) and if it asks you to replace files and folders, click on it.
2) We initiate the older firmware where saves could be loaded (with a downgrade it will be pretty simple if you are moving to a higher firmware, viceversa if you did downgrade).
3) Start the game, load the saved game and resave after overwriting the old one (if the first step has been done well, both the speed of loading and saving will be much slower than usual).
4) Go to the folder PSP \ SAVEPLAIN (connected via USB to a PC or using PSPFiler) and enter the folder that indicates the id of your gamesave folder). If you're in the right folder you will see 3 files: SDDATA.BIN, SDINFO.BIN and, in my case, ULJM05775.bin. copy paste to somewhere (like your desktop) the file SDDATA.BIN. It also is possible that there are more folders: in this case copy the entire contents of the folder SAVEPLAIN to the desktop
5) Now update / downgrade from the firmware where do avesss will be corrupt. Now create a new game and overwrite the corrupted saves (do not be afraid, if the previous steps were done correctly you'll be fine, however lbackep your save, you never know what may happen). Even in this case the saving rate eill be slower that usual.
6) Now go back to the folder PSP \ SAVEPLAIN and enter the id in the folder of your game. Take the file SDDATA.BIN previously moved and replace the current one. If multiple backups are created and have copied the entire contents of the folder SAVEPLAIN, you just replace the file SDDATA.BIN.
7) Now load the game already started over and voila, magically you will have taken over the progress that seemed to be lost because of the change of the firmware!
8) As a final step saved again on the same slot previously overwritten, then you can safely delete the folder and delete all content SAVEPLAIN unpacked from the previous year.


- The game that fails to load the corrupt bailouts
- Saved games themselves
- A computer or a file manager for PSP
- FreeCheat and Savedata ENC / DEC

1) Once you download this package, unzip it inside the root of your PSP.
2) Go to the folder PSP \ SAVEDATA and try saving your game that can not be loaded because it is corrupted and copy it somewhere (desktop is fine).
3) Start the game, start a new game to be able to get to the save point. Press the Note (the one between the SELECT button and the one to handle the brightness of the screen) and if the first step is done correctly it will open the window FreeCheat.
4) Go to Mem Manager and confirmed with the opening circle, do the same with the option SAVEDATA Manager and navigate to Operate Mode, click in the circle, move to the right with the PSP D-Pad and selecting Dump confirm with the circle, and then exits from FreeCheat repeatedly pressing the cross.
5) Now save your game and if everything went the right way, saving it will take a ittle more time than normally required to save.
6) Now exit the game and connect your PSP to your computer via USB. Navigate to the folder FreeCheat \ SAVEDATA where you can see two or more files that have the name ID of your game. The file we are interested in will be the first one, which ends with. Key. Rename it by removing the hyphen that separates the four letters from numbers 5 and replaced with key bin. Move him now in the folder PSP \ GAME \ SED \ gamekey.
7) Carbonless somewhere in your backup set just now taking it from the folder PSP \ Saved looking for the folder that corresponds to save your game because now we should replace the original that we could not load saved where it was originally taken.
8) Now go to your list of games / emulators / programs on the PSP and run the SaveData ENC / DEC. Will be all in Chinese but the controls are pretty basic:
[] USB mode
X Exit
O Info
/ \ Tasks
Select the save that we are interested in and go to operations by pressing the triangle and you will find a menu. The first two options will be those necessary to us, or Decrypt Crypt rescue and salvage.
9) decrypt the rescue and click "Yes" when asked to confirm, then press Square to connect the PSP in USB mode. The root of your PSP there will be a new file name which corresponds to the ID of the game and rescue their (otherwise rename it to make it equal, in my case is ULJM05775.bin).
10) Now restore the previously saved game created by a new game, replacing the one you just decrypted and press cross to exit the USB mode. Now, you must select the same saving that you have previously selected Crypt decrypted and rescue operations and, after confirming the operation, exit the program.
11) Now rerun the game and, with great satisfaction, you can properly load your previous save is not used by the game!

Using magicsave

copy magicsave to the root of your ms
enter seplugins and move magicsave.prx and the other folder to the memory stick's seplugins folder and add a line to your game.txt: ms0:/seplugins/magicsave.prx 1
copy your corrupt save in the desktop and also extract savetypechecker there
open the program to check your save type
let's go to the psp now
open the game whose save is corrupt
before entering to the save load screen press + and - at the same time, the magicsave menu appears
enter save data. read invalid data
tick enable and input the values that the savetype checker gave you
press triangle three times
load your corrupt save and disable the read invalid data option

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Re: [Tutorial]Recovering corrupt save after updating.

Post by 5ham5h33r » Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:56 pm

Umm.. Is this a copy ... te.292351/

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