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How to put .ctf themes for PSP

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How to put .ctf themes for PSP

Post by 5ham5h33r » Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:54 am

Hey guys, today I'm going to show you how to put .ctf themes for PSP, for those of you who don't know let me start by telling you what .ctf themes are...(OTHERS skip down)


CTF Themes are the themes that completely change the look of your PSP they not just change the image of icon but also allow you to replace the icon itself to text form and certain themes also allow you to change the position of the icon.

Too much explanation, let's now begin...


PSP With CFW 6.60 Pro C/B10/B9/LME (Not tested by me on others, Google for remaining supported versions)

USB Cable


CXMB files ( ...


1) Plug your PSP to your PC and create a folder called SEplugins.

2) Inside the SEplugins folder create a text file and name it "vsh.txt"

3) Using notepad open the file and type the following line(without quotes)..
"ms0:/cxmb/cxmb.prx 1"

4) Save the file.

5) Now, extract the above downloaded file and copy the cxmb folder from there to your root directory of PSP

6) Now download any theme you want and place the .ctf file in your cxmb folder.

7) Disconnect PSP and press select button and choose reset VSH

8) Enjoy!!

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