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How to view PSP-E1000 (Street) screen on TV (Tutorial)

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How to view PSP-E1000 (Street) screen on TV (Tutorial)

Post by JUSS10 » Fri Aug 28, 2015 2:52 pm

I've heard that many of you (PSP-E1000 users) asked is there any way to view PSP-E1000 screen on tv :?:
( :!: PS: There's no AV cable plug in PSP-E1000 :!: )


-USB Cable
-Laptop w/ all windows exept 8 or 8.1
-Tv with HDMI or RGB plug
-RGB or HDMI cable


1:Make sure that your PSP-E1000 has CTF version. I prefer 6.60 PRO- B10. How to update? Tutorial here:
:arrow: ... sp-street/

2:You'll need RemoteJoy Lite Ver.19 plugin for your PSP-E1000. This plugin allows to play psp games on a bigger screen via USB cable. Whole tutorial link here:
:arrow: viewtopic.php?t=4901

3:Once you have the plugin and it works, right click on RemoteJoy Lite screen, select PSP and turn psp screen off at stettings.

4: Go close to tv with your Laptop, connect PSP with usb cable, launch remotejoylite and connect Laptop screen to TV with RGB or HDMI cable.

Enjoy! :D
PSP- E1000 (Street)

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