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create your own gameboot for your PSP

Posted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:24 pm
by patrickneyl
Through this tutorial, you will learn how to create your own gameboot for your PSP.

You will need :
-A video in AVI or DIVX format
-An encoding software which converts MP3 to WAV (I used Xilisoft video converter but any other video converter should work)
-UmdStreamComposer (you can download it here :
-Gameboot creator pack (you can download it here :

First step:
* Download the files needed.
* Extract the two archives you get.
* Go to the gameboot creator folder and open the folder "virtual dub".
* Start the application "virtual dub".
* Once opened go to "file", "open video file" and select your video (REMINDER: the video must be in AVI or DIVX format).
* Move the cursor down where you want your gameboot to start. Once selected go to "edit" and "set selection start", then go where you want your gameboot to end. Once selected, go back to "edit" and "set selection end" (the gameboot should be 2.5 seconds so the "set selection end" should be 2.5 seconds from "set selection start ").
* After doing this, go to "file" and "save as AVI" and choose where you want to save.
* When saving is completed, close the application.

Second step:
* Return to the original folder and open the folder "WinMenc".
* Once the application is open click "Add files" and open the file that you did with "virtual dub".
* Click on "Load profile", a list opens. Search and click on "[PSP AVI] 480x272 600kpbs DIVX, MP3 4 ...".
* Then click "Output Folder" to choose where to put the video, and select where you want to put your video after encoding.
* Then go to "video" and under "Video codec" put "NO VIDEO".
* Click "encode".
* After encoding, put "DIVX" under "Video codec" and under "Video frames" select "29.970".
* Go to "audio" and put "NO AUDIO" under "Audio codec".
* Reclick "encode".
* Once complete, close "WinMEnc".

Third step:
You extracted audio and video from your gameboot. Go to where you saved your two files.
Open the converter software (I used Xilisoft video converter but any other video converter should work).
Now convert your mp3 file to "WAVE form audio format (.wav)" format using the software (it is very simple to do).

Fourth step :
Now we will use the Umd Stream Composer.
* Go to the " Umd Stream Composer" folder, then to the " bin " folder.
* Launch the application " UmdStreamComposer ".
* Go to "NEWS" and choose a name and/or comment (this is useless), and when done, click next.
* In this page, do not touch anything except under "Max Clip Size" where you replace "4000" with "2" and select "PSP Movie Format (for game).
* Click "complete".
* Now click "video source" and then "OPEN", choose your encoded video with "WinMenc".
* Click "OK"
* Now click "Audio Source" (this is the same window that appear) and choose the . wav file of your video.
* Click "OK".
* Go to "RUN(R)" and choose "Encode + Multiplex".
* A window opens, it shows the progress of the encoding.
* Close "UmdStreamComposer" by clicking "yes" in the message that appears.

Fifth step :
* Go to "My Documents", then to the " UmdStreamComposer" folder and finally " MuxWork ".
* Now open the folder that has the name of your project ( the one you started when you made "NEW" ) and then open the "00001" folder.
* Copy the "00001.MPS" file and paste it in the "MPSTOPMF" folder (this folder exists in the original folder we used in the beginning).
* Go to the folder "MPSTOPMF" and rename the file "00001.MPS" to "gameboot.MPS".
* Run "Gameboot Converter.bat" and wait.
* Once finished , you will see a file called "gameboot.pmf".
* Your gameboot is ready.

To use the gameboot, you'll need MyBoot Logo. This is a plugin that allows a gameboot without touching the flash0. You can download it here :
Then do these steps :
* Connect your PSP to your computer.
* Extract MyBoot Logo to the root of your PSP.
* Go in the folder SEPLUGINS on your psp and open or create a text file called VSH.
* Copy and paste this in it : ms0 :/ seplugins 4 / myBootLogo.prx
* Turn off your psp and then turn it on while holding the R button.
* Go to "plugins" and press X on the line myBootLogo.prx [ VSH ].
Now put your gameboot in the THEME folder located in the PSP folder.

Note : You can only have one gameboot on your PSP.

Re: create your own gameboot for your PSP

Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 4:12 pm
by fouadtjuhmaster
Good tutorial, I have been messing with my gameboots many times in the past.
patrickneyl wrote:Note : You can only have one gameboot on your PSP.
False, with the PSP plugin 'My Random Gameboot' you can enable more than one gameboot.

Re: create your own gameboot for your PSP

Posted: Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:00 am
by edukarlo
im having problems with the tutorial, and can't seem to make it work..

please convert this into a PSP or PSvita-eCFW gameboot:

i think this one would look cool when loading a PSP game on the Vita..


First step, 3rd line:
* Go to the gameboot creator folder and open the folder "virtual dub".

i see no "virtual dub" folder"