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Taking sceenshots on your psp using PRX Shot

Posted: Sat Apr 12, 2014 5:20 am
by Joel16
So yeah like the title says, "Taking sceenshots on your psp." It's pretty easy once you follow these steps provided below. (For noobs: If you were wondering what the heck XMB is? it's basically the psp os, the whole psp menu.)

First of all, thanks to codestation for this plug-in.

Installing PRX Shot Take note, running this plug-in requires you to have cfw. I won't be writing a tutorial for that, so ensure that you have cfw on your psp. There are many guides for that.

1. First connect your psp to your computer via a usb cable.

2. Download the plug-in here.

3. Unzip/Open the archive.

4. Now once you've connected to your computer via USB. Open your psp drive and ensure that you have a folder in the root of the memory stick/internal storage called "seplugins". (If you don't that folder no worries, just right click and create a new folder and call it "seplugins" without quotations)

5. Now copy the prxshot folder from the archive for into the seplugins folder.

6. Open the seplugins folder, and open the vsh.txt and game.txt and add the following lines to both text files: (If you do not have the vsh.txt and the game.txt files inside your seplugins folder, simply right click and create a new text file. Rename them "vsh" and "game")

If you're on a regular psp:

Code: Select all

ms0:/seplugins/prxshot/prxshot.prx 1
If you're on a psp go:

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ef0:/seplugins/prxshot/prxshot.prx 1
7. Now that you have the plug-in installed you can disconnect your psp from your computer. Now on your psp press the note button. (the button near the brightness button) this will save your sceenshot into a folder placed in PSP/Screenshot. You can check the photos to see if it's there.