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WTA few apps function

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WTA few apps function

Post by kuizrul » Sun May 10, 2020 4:17 am


i\ve recently bought a henkaku ps vita from my friend. and notice there is several app already install in it. can i know what are the purpose of those app. there are some that i know of. afraid if i run any of the unknown app might break the device. thanks

1.vitashell - act like a folder manager
2.pkgj - act like a downloader for games
3. adrenaline - psp emulator
4. enso- ?
5. moduro ?
6.updateblocker ?
7.vita homebrew browser - is this like an internet browser ?
8.autoplugin - it was there initiall when i open thre's an update so i update
9.autoluggin II - notice this appear after i update auto pluggin. do we need both ?

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