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Music Player Whitelisting?

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Music Player Whitelisting?

Post by ShrineFox » Thu Oct 27, 2016 8:15 pm

Ever since I got my Vita, I was very disappointed with how underused the music player is.
It's really convenient to be able to multitask by listening to your own music while playing games, without having to plug your headphones into another device.

However, so few games utilize this feature that I can count them on one hand.
With the advent of henkaku, I was wondering if anybody has looked into what prevents you from using it alongside certain apps. It seems most likely to me it'd be some kind of flag in the eboot that disables it, considering it's not like certain apps where it'll make you stop running the process to open another one. The music just pauses until you exit.

Part of me understands this decision by Sony, as I've noticed there's some minor lag in Minecraft when using the music player. And they also want people to experience the in-game music whenever possible, and having to implement a feature to disable it when a user wants to play their own music is inconvenient for developers.
But my question is, does it seem feasible to somehow enable music playback anyway?

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