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The "how to NOT miss the next exploited game" thread

Everything that is PSVita-related but doesn't go in any other subforum
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The "how to NOT miss the next exploited game" thread

Post by VitaGenic »

Read -->>this<<-- first!

Did you read it? Ok then, you can now move to the section below.

Note: This thread is just a general guide on how to secure an exploited game on your PS Vita to enable use of VHBL or CEF 6.60. I’m not gong to go into specifics, there are other threads on these forums which have step by step instructions on how to install VHBL and eCFW and use homebrew. Also this guide is written with the assumption that everyone knows how to use the Playstation Store, if you don’t know what the PS Store or PSN is then maybe you shouldn’t be trying to get homebrew on your Vita!
So who is tired of seeing comments on the replies of Wololo's blogs and threads on the /talk forums of people complaining they missed there chance to acquire the exploited game for VHBL or TN-A or B? We can’t put 100% of the blame on the noobs, the information is available but it is scattered all throughout these forums, so I thought that I would start a thread with all my knowledge I gained whilst trying (and failing a few times) to get VHBL running on my Vita.
Sometimes it just can not be helped that you missed your chance to find out the games name before it was pulled from the PSN. But due to the secrecy of the Ninja Release system, I am not going to dive into that, I'm just going to clarify how you can secure your chance of running VHBL or CEF 6.60 on your Vita after you know the games name.
Okay so I will start off with reasons why you might not be able to get the game onto your Vita:
1. Your Vita maybe getting replaced or repaired by Sony at the time of the release (This was my reason for missing the MHFU exploit)
2. You may not have had your Vita on you at the time of the public announcement and Sony Pulled the game (you might have been at work, on holidays etc.)
3. You downloaded the game to your OFW PS3 thinking “Oh I can just transfer it when I get around to it” (This will only work until the game is pulled) this is a very common compliant.
4. You got the game and accidentally formatted your memory card/deleted the game (Again, you can always re-download it but only up until the game is pulled) this to is also a common complaint.
5. You backed up the game to your PC with CMA and deleted it from your Vita thinking “Oh I can just get download it back to my Vita when I feel like using homebrew” (This will work up until the game is pulled)
6. The game is not available in your region. Very very common one, since I’m from an EU region, a large proportion of the exploited games are available to me. Therefore don’t know much knowledge on this particular topic but will try to help anyways!
There are other reasons to, I’ve seen people asking wether than can transfer the game from their PSP’s to their Vita’s via a PS3 or PC, or any combination of those things. So I ask all the noobs to read the following sentence over and over again until it is imprinted in your brain:
The best method of absolutely assuring you have the chance to run VHBL or eCFW is to download the exploited game directly to your Vita. Not to your PS3, not to your PC, Not to your PSP. Straight onto your PS Vita
Obviously that alone is not going to magically make VHBL or eCFW appear on your Vita, there is more to it than that but if you have an exploited game on your Vita, you have won half the battle.
Now I will explain why the above six numbered points won’t help you get the exploited game and how you may rectify the problem…
1. Well not much I can say about number 1 except for that’s how I missed the MHFU exploit. I downloaded it to my PS3 thinking that I could transfer it later. That doesn’t work and I’ll explain why in number 3.
2. You didn’t have your Vita on you. You might have a day job, or sporting commitments on the weekend or one of the many other reasons why you don’t access to your Vita or the internet. My recommendation to rectify this would be to take your Vita to work or wherever you are going to be at the time of the announcement and if you have a smart phone or tablet with 3G/4G capabilities, tether your Vita to it via portable hotspot and download the game while you are out and about, or on a lunch break at work! If you are within mobile coverage range you can literally have PSN access anywhere! Yeah it might take a large chunk of your monthly download limit but hey, how bad to you want VHBL or eCFW? Sometimes iPhones or service providers may enforce a 20mb limit on file downloads. In the past, I have personally used a Samsung 4G tablet on the Telstra Next-G network in Australia to download an 800 mb PSP game to my Vita and PS3 via internet tethering. Also I have heard that jailbreaking iPhones/iPads can lift the 20 mb limit.
3. You downloaded the game to an OFW PS3. This is the most common mistake I see on the forums. I also fell into this trap. This method does have some merit though in the days/hours after the public game name release, as long as you are hasty to get it onto your Vita though. Because once the game is removed from the PSN your PS3 loses the capability to “sign” and pre-package the game for transfer to your Vita. If the game is removed from the PSN store, it is destined to sit stagnate on your PS3 until the game is released back onto the store. But the past has shown us that long before the game is released back onto the PSN, the next “stability and security” update AKA VHBL and eCFW patched firmware for the Vita is released. That means that you will most probably have to update to use CMA to transfer the game to your Vita but by then it will be useless because the vulnerabilities the game uses to run homebrew are patched! I do believe there is a work-around method using the charles proxy program for when the game is re-released and you are on a lower firmware but my knowledge is very very limited on it and I have never tried it. Someone else on here did a big thread on it here somewhere.
4. You got the game but accidentally formatted your memory card/lost the game. In the hours or days after the public name announcement not all hope is lost, simpily log back onto the PS store, go to your downloads/purchased list and re-download the game. As long as you do it hastily you have a good chance of getting it back. If the Sony pulls the game, you’re out of luck, the game will not be on the store or in your downloads list. There is a very good method of backing up the exploited game using OpenCMA. See number 5 below for more information on OpenCMA.
5. You backed-up the game to your PC with CMA and deleted it from your Vita. If you got this far then you have done well! This method will allow you to transfer it back to your Vita in the hours/days after the public announcement of the exploited games name. But once the game is pulled, the copy on your PC will become invisible to your Vita! Rectifying this problem involves the use of OpenCMA. I won’t delve too much into what OpenCMA is, but to summarize it, it pretty much allows your Vita to transfer content without connecting to Sony. Remember what I said in number 3? If the game is pulled, it can’t be transferred ANYWHERE. OpenCMA will allow unrestricted transferring of the pulled game between your PC and your Vita. The best way to back-up the exploited game is to install OpenCMA on your PC and make sure it is running correctly (test by severing your internet connection from your computer and always run your Vita on flight mode when using OpenCMA to protect your Vita from an accidental firmware update! Once everything is sweet, simply use the CMA app on your Vita to copy the game to your PC and you will have an always accessible back-up of the exploited game!
6. The game is not available in your region. Okay because I am in an EU region, pretty much all of the exploited games are available to me so my knowledge isn’t so great on this one but I will summarize what I have read around the forums on this issue. Essentially you are going to have to create a PSN account in the region to which the game is available. But that opens up a plethora of other problems too. Since the 1.80 fw update, our dear friends at Sony have made it so your Vita’s memory card is “locked” to your PSN account! So for example if you are in JP region and the exploited game is on only available in EU regions, you will have to format your memory card and establish an EU account on your now empty memory card! A work-around for this is to simply buy another memory card, one for the exploited game and homebrew and one for all your paid content/music/movies etc. That is going to be a pain for those short on money though. Another problem that is also raised when creating a foreign PSN account is charging up the wallet with funds so you can purchase the game. The only known work-around for that issue I know of is to find a website (google is your friend on this one) that sells PSN cards native to that region. Remember there is a very short timeline between the game announcement and when Sony pulls the game, so remember, 1. Format/buy new memory card. 2. Create PSN account. 3. Charge up the wallet. 4. Buy game. Do this as soon as you know the games name and region!
Okay that pretty much sums it up folks. Obviously there are plenty of other reasons as to why you might miss the next game. But I think I have covered the most common ones. At the time of this writing the next exploit appears to be one buy forum member Frostgater. Some reports are saying this is only a few days to a week away from release. My advice would to be take a good long read at all the info in this post and sign up to the forums and watch Wololo’s blog regularly. If you your job consists of sitting behind a computer and using email, sign up to the RSS feed in your outlook express to make sure you get all the latest news straight into your workspace.
One thing I will mention though that membership on these forums has increased exponentially since the release of the kexploits and a large majority of these new members are signing up to the forums to be included in the ninja release, then getting the games name and then asking silly questions on the forums about getting their homebrew working. A personal observation of mine is that the mods, trusted devs and long time members are getting tired of newbs coming in, getting what they want and departing the scene and leaving the forums in a mess on their way out!

So once you get the next exploit, stick around! Be an active member in the community, this will ensure that you are always “included” when the next tasty development arises out of the Vita scene :)
Also please be constructive on your criticism as I am only trying to help :) I am a relatively new member and more knowledgeable members should provide their experiences in this thread :)
VitaGenic out!
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Re: The "how to NOT miss the next exploited game" thread

Post by JMQMOfficials »

1st ;)

Also on #5, you can still transfer the exploit even when they're pulled from the stores . . .
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Re: The "how to NOT miss the next exploited game" thread

Post by qwikrazor87 »

I think it is also note worthy to have some funds ready beforehand to purchase the game.
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Re: The "how to NOT miss the next exploited game" thread

Post by caiosc »

It's quite a good idea to tether your phone internet to PSV, if you have only a wifi one, like myself!

If you're at the job, just go to the bathroom, start the download and put both your phone and PSV in your bag ;)

This way the download will continue and nobody will see it! Just remember to check once in a while!
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Re: The "how to NOT miss the next exploited game" thread

Post by Casavult »

JMQMOfficials wrote:1st ;)
Oh God no... :roll:
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Re: The "how to NOT miss the next exploited game" thread

Post by topjohnwu »

JMQMOfficials wrote:1st ;)

Also on #5, you can still transfer the exploit even when they're pulled from the stores . . .
Ummm.... You can only transfer pulled games to vita with OPENCMA, not official CMA.
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Re: The "how to NOT miss the next exploited game" thread

Post by Darkanubis74 »

If they won't read the rules, they certainly are not reading this...
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Re: The "how to NOT miss the next exploited game" thread

Post by mypengpengli »

thank you very very much,l donot want miss this chance,please ,let me be your najan ,,thank you very very much love you
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Re: The "how to NOT miss the next exploited game" thread

Post by Msnk8 »

thank you so much for such an informative article and sound advices,,, i really appreciate it,,,,:)
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Re: The "how to NOT miss the next exploited game" thread

Post by GuitaristMatt »

#4 should end with see #5 below, not #4. That will confuse people. Good work!
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