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UVL Discussion thread

Everything that is PSVita-related but doesn't go in any other subforum
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Re: UVL Discussion thread

Post by biscottealacrevette »

yifanlu wrote:lots of things can only be done by me as it's my exploit and I understand it best and don't expect others to go through months of messy work to catch up.
I've just a little doubt on that...
yifanlu wrote:I don't have any time (nor money) for any potential legal problems.
does publishing your exploit's source can get you in trouble (as long as it's not a reverse) ?
yifanlu wrote:Plus I'm seeing exploits being thrown left and right and drama here and there.
correct me if i'm wrong but your exploit doesn't allow ISO/game loading or anything "pirate-related" as it run from userland. So how "this" could lead to a drama ?

Don't try to achieve the perfect exploit !
Even if you can't free PSM's Heap your exploit still brilliant !
who care about remaining free ram, devs don't need 200M to create awesome hombrew.
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Re: UVL Discussion thread

Post by yifanlu »

Free ram? I thought I was very clear that the problem is writing an sdk?
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Re: UVL Discussion thread

Post by jbailey »

Hi Yifanlu,thanks you for your amazing work, hope you will be able to get the rest you deserve.
I have one suggestion: is it possible that each time the firmware is update that you let us know if it is safe to update regarding the ULV, that the exploit is not blocked by the update in any way?

I know it is to soon to do a ninja release of the name of the game that allows ULV because of the lack of a SDK and the hype around eCFW, but aren't you afraid that the game (accidentally or not) might be patched on the PSN? Besides, if the game is sold in local ground stores, the number of games available is inevitably decreasing as days are passing by, and people interested in ULV might not be able to get the game.
But I guess you thought about that already.

I thank you again for your work especially knowing that you are almost on your own on that project!
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Re: UVL Discussion thread

Post by Zyrkl »

Take it easy, man. Maybe Sony will finally get over the PS3 Lv0 keys and Ps Vita exploits. No need to stress them out with an even more awesome release :mrgreen:
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Re: UVL Discussion thread

Post by gokuhs »

Ok Yifanlu, good work and I hope to see you again soon!
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