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My PSP Go menu not working if it on CFW but work in non cfw???

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 2:23 pm
by jadugargomes
Hello guys

My brother has a PSP GO previously in 6.20 firmware and its seems its has permanent patch , but lately the psp acting wierd everytime we select any menu in xmb its not respond (most button not work x,o,xtriangle etc ,but switch button work ..power button,wifi) because i didnt have any psp so i decided to update the firmware to 6.60 ,

i was hoping after oficial firmware upgrade it should automaticaly fix any error ..but its nottweakbox appvalley

After updating to 6.60 im installing pro 6.60 c3 fix ,its semi fix the problem i mean sometime button work sometime not working,on 6.20 button doesnt work at all...i have to press select everytime button not work..

im suspected maybe this is software related issue not a hardware issue as psp work normaly in stock (ofw )