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Request : Porting the Solarus engine to the PSP

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Request : Porting the Solarus engine to the PSP

Post by Ahbahbu » Fri Oct 16, 2015 9:01 pm


I do wonder why did someone didn't though about it, there were already ports of some Vincent Jouillat's Zelda quadralogy (ROTH, OLB, 3T and Navi's Quest recently) on the PSP and they do run fine.

Solarus is quite different, it can play user-created quests within the Solarus Engine, the engine runs with SDL2 while the user-created quests runs in LUA and the communauty starts to rise, and that would be epic if we could play these user-created quests straight on the PSP.

The whole engine's source code can be found on the authors (Christopho) GitHub and it is well detailled (the c++ files are located in /src and /solarus/include)

Github :

If someone here know how to port projects onto the PSP, you may have some fun :mrgreen:

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