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Alarm plugin ?

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Alarm plugin ?

Post by ali_ihsan21 » Wed May 27, 2015 5:40 pm

Is there any alarm which will wake up PSP but wont have to turn off like an application after setting the alarm ?

Im aware of hardware alarm suite but you have set the alarrm and turn off the device, what I want is something like the PSP power controller plugin ( it turns off device at a defined hour ) which will turn on daily at a certain hour.

If I cant fine one only option is to use Sleep N'Wake application I believe which keeps device awake all night long, right ? :?

edit: I think sleep N'wake is the exact thing that Im looking for although I still couldnt configure it the way I want. Its falling to suspend mode after the last track but waking up minutes before the alarm. Wondering if there is a compatibilty issue with the CFW because it never get an update since 2008.

edit 2: I move it to ms0 but still no change. Can someone try it on a PSP-go ? After the last song PSP's screen turning off but waking up device right after that not keeping it on suspend mode till the alarm

edit 3 Cant believe I wasted hours for that ***, everytime I do that Im questioning my aim because such applications are far more advanced and simple to use even on the cheapest mobile phone ( not even a smart one such as android or iOS ). Deleted all of them from device, case closed. :ugeek:
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