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Davee 660on661plugin crashing dualboot LME2.3/661ProC2

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Davee 660on661plugin crashing dualboot LME2.3/661ProC2

Post by xanderkand » Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:22 am

Hi all hope this is in the right section and someone can help solve or advise about my problem.

I am trying to set up dualbooting lme2.3 +6.61proC2 psp 3000 with a shedload of plugins set up using AutomaticLoadtxt V07 for 6.61 to take care of plugin incompatibilities with either cfw. I'm testing on a 1000 in case something goes wrong and found an issue before even setting up AutomaticLoad

The dualbooting works fine and I could boot both ways between LME and PRO until I added plugins when it began to crash only when I booted from LME into PRO but not the other way around.
By process of elimination I've determined that the plugin causing the problem is the 660_plugins_on_661.prx but ONLY when it's enabled in GAME.txt.
Enabling in VSH or POPS causes no issue.

Has anybody some insight on this? Any solution or workaround? It's not load order because I disabled everything else and i still get the crash.

Do I just have to choose between being able to boot conveniently both ways and having 660 compatibility in games? Will I need the 660 compatibility for game.txt or are updated plugins available for most uses eg remapping, cheats etc. Or should I just abandon 6.61 altogether and opt for 6.60 because maybe things are easier that way?

Thanks for reading.

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