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6.35 PRO HEN signed repack (445KB)

Unleash the full power of your PSP with a Custom Firmware.
Download and installation tutorial at
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6.35 PRO HEN signed repack (445KB)

Post by Libre »

For those like me who can't downgrade to 6.20 (because of 8g/9g modules) until further notice, here is a repack version of the signed 6.35 PRO HEN by VF & Coldbird.
This version takes 445KB instead of 5478KB.

I made it by switching the demo headers used, resigning and repacking it with this.

It's the last version, I didn't touch the code, it's only a repack in order to take less space in my memory stick.
All credits to VF & Coldbird for this piece of software.

download link : here

It may be possible to get smaller eboots if someone could find a demo eboot containing a PRX (data.psp) even smaller than 421KB (with ~PSP header). So, I you know such a demo, feel free to give me its name.
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