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Which games are actually worth playing on the PS3?

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Which games are actually worth playing on the PS3?

Post by saviobarnes »

I got a PS4 a while back and I have noticed that it is now the only thing I play. My PS3 just functions as a television more than a game console in the other room. As of now, the only thing the PS3 is used for is Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, Plex, and HBO Go. My PS4 is where I spend entire days playing Fortnite, Assassin's Creed Origins, and Persona5.

I wish I had games worth playing on the PS3. But I have no idea what would be any good. And the visual quality sucks compared to the PS4. So it's kind of a turnoff. I really liked playing Catherine when it was free on PS Plus.... are there any other games like that for PS3?
Darth Agnon
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Re: Which games are actually worth playing on the PS3?

Post by Darth Agnon »

PS3 has:
Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3 exclusive, conclusion to the amazing Metal Gear series; MGS5 is a prequel)
Motor Storm (amazing racing game that I enjoyed back in the PS3 kiosk days; it set the bar for all racing games I played since; none equal it)
Injustice - gods among us (DC superhero fighter; not sure if it's available on PS4 - PS4 has the sequel, but it's a lootbox-fest)
Ratchet and Clank - the Trilogy, a Crack in Time, and a couple others (unavailable on PS4; amazing series)
Jak and Daxter trilogy - PS4 version is buggy ( ... ped_today/)
Probably a few Uncharted games and older Assassin's Creeds
Prince of Persia 2008 - a beautifully-styled, cel-shaded PoP game; lots of nostalgia for me.
MGS5 and Skyrim are also available, but also exist on PS4 and probably work better there.
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Re: Which games are actually worth playing on the PS3?

Post by BitGid »

I just re-purchased a PS3 so I could play one of my fav games of all time - Demon's Souls. I've played all the games in the souls series and this is still my favorite. Be warned it's a tougher game so you have to get to know it and have some patience but once you're hooked, you'll get lost in its amazing atmosphere.
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