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Compatibility List PSP Remasters in OFW [WIP]

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Re: Compatibility List PSP Remasters in OFW [WIP]

Post by residentsleep »

Monster Hunter 3rd (JP): 4.70 remaster - bootable with minor graphical glitches, can create a character but after cutscene of your ride to town black screen.
X-Men Legends 2 (US): 4.70 remaster - boots first splash screen then blackness
3rd birthday (undub)(US): 4.70 remaster - black screen
3rd birthday (EU): 4.70 remaster - playable graphical probs & slowdowns, saves work.
Silent Hill Origins (US): 4.70 remaster - bootable but major graphical probs
Corpse Party (US): 4.70 remaster - black screen

these are my results anyway, idk maybe i'm doing something wrong. :/
also when i convert these to remaster/mini a thing pops up saying "xxxx.bin of xxxx bytes was found do you want to enable the sign eboot option?" does it matter if you pick yes or no?
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Re: Compatibility List PSP Remasters in OFW [WIP]

Post by kingknuts »

Raz45 wrote: Do I need a Japanese Account to play Japanese ISO's?
No, you dont need a Japanese account.
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Re: Compatibility List PSP Remasters in OFW [WIP]

Post by robertoleguizamo »

the games ok:

Need For Speed - Carbon Own The City
Metal Gear Solid: Acid
Metal Gear Solid: Acid 2
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