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Grand Theft Auto V

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Re: Grand Theft Auto V

Post by Casavult »

dmaskell92 wrote:The game is simply fantastic. It's funny, all those who have something negative to say, never actually played it first hand. This game was like a Drug that forced me to stay awake. I had no choice.
So if someone says something negative about a game, they automatically qualify as having never played it? Get your head out of your ***, people have opinions that differ from yours... :roll:

Here's mine:

GTA V is not GoTY worthy in my opinion (even though I said it was before starting my second playthrough in a different topic). I've finished my second playthrough of the story mode yesterday and while it is a good game, it ain't that fantastic. It has bugs that flaw some of the gameplay for me (safehouse garage don't work for saving cars sometimes, falling through the map, texture loading, buying clothes seems pointless if all the character does is change them anyway when you haven't used him in a while, among some other flaws...). The game feels bare at times as well, where you may feel like you have nothing to do. Sure playing the sports (Golf, Tennis, ect, ect) is fun but it gets repetitive after a few tries. The stores feel lacking (barber shop/Hair dressers for example. Less than 5 haircuts per character?! C'mon!) at times as well as some other things that I won't continue on about because I think I've said to much on this part of "flaws". :|

Even with some flaws, that aren't game breaking (well maybe the garage safehouse bug is a little), the game is still very fun to play. Trevor and Michael happen to be my favourite characters and whilst I couldn't honestly follow the story that well on my first playthrough due to it breaking between character switches, random missions, ect, it did make more sense to me on my second playthorugh and I enjoyed the story mode much more on my second playthrough. The driving is more enjoyable for me. No more feeling like I'm driving a boat like I felt like I was in GTA IV. The flying is great also, it feels more rewarding. The gun play is fantastic! Rockstar have surely nailed the gunplay to perfection for me in GTA IV! The vehicles are beautiful and I was so glad to see the Sandking return (I use it for off-roading! It's incredible!). :)

I'm not going to go in to more detail but my final score for GTA IV would be: 7.5/10 (I wanted to rate it 8/10 but the flaws kept me from doing so).

No game is perfect. Each are with their greatness and flaws. Just like everyone's opinion differs from being positive or negative.
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Re: Grand Theft Auto V

Post by PootieTang »

This is in the Top 3 Best Games in the History of Gaming for sure! :o
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Re: Grand Theft Auto V

Post by pspfanMOHH »

PootieTang wrote:This is in the Top 3 Best Games in the History of Gaming for sure! :o
Nice bump. The game already got all its ratings, opinions don't matter no more cause everyone will just say no the ratings are blah blah blah
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