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Dust 514

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Re: Dust 514

Post by MVP » Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:12 pm

im still playing this game. definetly has its issues still but they improve it every month or so. they need to get it integrated into eve quickly tho.

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Re: Dust 514

Post by xPreatorianx » Tue Nov 05, 2013 12:10 pm

tigahawk wrote:Have they changed the suit systems yet? Wait who am i kidding having to buy the same piece of equipment 50 times as each death counts as the loss of a suit.... is exactly how it works in EvE as well.

I disliked that, do the math with a fully $ only set - which will most definately be what everyone is kitted in for competative matches. Expensive.
You think that's expensive? Wait till your high enough Sp wise in EVE that you can start affording deadspace gear on every ship including Tech 3. When that happens each major ship loss is worth a good bil or more in isk. My least expensive ship is about 1 bil all kitted out with T2 weapons and deadspace/officer equipment. My most expensive? Probably a good 4-6 bil. I got a vindicator that is completely dead space fit(besides the T2 weapons of course), a fully kitted Proteus(T3 and again besides weapons), and I'm well on my way to a deadspace Thanatos.

I've been playing Eve-online since I was 13. I'm now 23. So 10 years I've been playing. I've literally been in every major alliance war since then. SE vs SA, Great Delve war 1 and 2. Rise and fall of Ascendant Frontier (ASCN). etc. So I've been in both Great Delve wars (actually I think we are up to 3 now.), Pendulum war, Great war, Catch war. Basically every "world shaping" war that has occurred in EVE over the past 10 years that has shaped the 0.0 landscape.

Back to Dust 514 - I'm really glad that they have finally started improving the co-existence of these two game worlds. Last time I played you could target an infrastructure from space in a destroyer and light it up. This aspect will only improve over time as Dust 514 remains popular.

@JeoWay - Eve-online servers are fine. Not sure on Dust 514 though. I've been in battles upwards of 1k vs 1k on Eve. That was long before Time dilation. With that and the constant evolution of eve + the support of the GMs, the servers are actually more responsive then ever. At least from the 10 years I've been playing.

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Re: Dust 514

Post by Dr.Lost » Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:09 pm

this game is the bomb i just seem to never regain control the dropships. send me a message TheSurvival im kinda of new but great with a sniper
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