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ISO psp menu call language patcher

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ISO psp menu call language patcher

Post by Kenvarus » Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:06 pm

is there, and if there is not would it be possible for someone to create, a tool for converting an iso so that it calls the english save and install menus, basically any menus that are called from the psp by the game, would be called in english rather than the games language. i looked into just changing the region but found out that unless the game has english installed originally as a language option it will always call the original language's menus even if its region is set to english.

this problem sounds simple, and tbh i mainly want this for convinience, but i know me and a lot of other anime fans get hacked copies of all the japanese only anime games, hacked to english, and every single one still calls the japanese menus for saving and similar, this irks me, if translation tools can be made why cant they make a tool for making it call the english menus, or heck translating the japanese menus, idrc how its done but i would really apreciate it if a tool for this could be created or if it exists if someone could direct me to it. thank you for your time.
That, i want that to be english, in all my japanese games, idc if its a tool for fixing the iso's or an add on for my psp but i want these menus in english please, and when it asks if you want to save, or about installing part of a large game. all that stuff. thank you again
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Re: ISO psp menu call language patcher

Post by jack52032 » Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:58 pm


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