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Homebrew launcher install help.

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Homebrew launcher install help.

Post by jrazorman »

Like many other people, I was having trouble with the Homebrew launcher for the switch and getting error codes from 2002-0007 to 2186-0003. But what I did to fix it and helped me was simple.

First I turned off my Nintendo switch and removed my SD card (32GB micro SD)
I inserted the card back and turned on the switch.
I proceeded to connect to my WIFI and made sure I had the right DNS setting.
I connected to the WIFI and ran the install program, in the bottom left corner I notice the there will be THREE time a blue circle will appear, after that the correct error code displayed.
Once hitting the power button the switch reset BUT NOT restarted and my mistake was clicking on the MII corrupted data. DO NOT CLICK OK. Hold the power button until the menu comes up for you to restart your switch.
Then proceed back to the internet settings and the WIFI connect, this time hit the RUN link and look ant the bottom left corner again for the circles.
After you get the message to press ok to quit, wait until it finds your network again then hit the home button
Click on the album icon and you should be all set!

I hope this helps someone who is or was going in circles like I was trying to understand what is going on! :D
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Post by pikachu »

The post is really cool and interesting, I like it very much. thank you for sharing
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