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Gekihen Voting Thread: Best utility/hack ($250)

Posted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 6:28 pm
by wololo

This is the voting thread for the best utility in the GekiHEN competition. The best entry will win $250.
Please note that the results of the votes on this site alone do not determine the winner: The other sponsor sites are also having a voting on their end. We will combine the results from all sites + add overweighted votes from the sponsors as well.

luaIRC by Rinnegatamante
Vita Calculator by Flappy Jesus
psp2shell by cpasjuste
Custom Themes Manager by Red Squirrel
Game Shrinker by Dakor
rinCheat SE by Rinnegatamante
ONElua Vita by Team ONElua
SystemCheckEnabled by Draqen
ONEtranslate by team ONElua
ePSP Bubble Installer by CelesteBlue
Theme Manager EX by Kylon
ARK Fast for 3.60 by team ONElua
Bookr mod Vita by pathway27
VITAforecast by Joel16
Appdb Tool By luckys
Notepad++ (VE) By Arkanite
Vita Homebrew Browser By Devnoname120