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[Beta] vita-lua: Easy homebrew development with LuaJIT!

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[Beta] vita-lua: Easy homebrew development with LuaJIT!

Post by Stary2001 » Sat Sep 26, 2015 8:15 pm

One day, I had the idea of porting Lua to the Vita. Then xyz suggested, why not port luajit?
Disclaimer: JIT is NOT supported yet. The LuaJIT interpreter is faster than vanilla Lua in benchmarks, however.

vita-lua uses a slightly different approach to the already existing LuaPlayer: instead of having C shims written for all of the functions, it uses LuaJIT's FFI functionality to bind functions easily and quickly.
There is support for PhysFS (allows easy packaging of resources - an entire app can be inside a single zip file) as well as all of vita2dlib and friends, along with HTTP.
Real sockets (sceNet) are coming Soon™.

vifino is also helping me with this project - many thanks!

Documentation is a bit spotty, but on its way at the github wiki.
Please report any issues on the Github so they can be fixed!
source code:
Releases: (beta2 has the logo!)

There are a few examples at

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