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Installing PSM DEV for Unity on 3.30

Rejuvenate is a native homebrew platform for PS Vita. Read more about Rejuvenate here.
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Installing PSM DEV for Unity on 3.30

Post by timdim » Sun Jul 17, 2016 7:46 pm

I finally got around to rejuvenating my vitas.
I believe i only had Hotline Miami 2 waiting on an update, and on reboot the update does not error, i copied jetpack joyride from my 2.12 vita which I had successfully used earlier to install PSM DEV for Unity, but still, the update does not error.
Is this a feature of 3.30, is there a solution?
Could I simply transfer PSM DEV for Unity from 2.12 or am I missing something?

Many Thanks for any input.

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