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[OPEN] PSVita unable to take photos/screenshots

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[OPEN] PSVita unable to take photos/screenshots

Post by randname » Thu Dec 14, 2017 3:17 am

PSVita model PCH-1004 running on OS 3.60 Henkaku with enso installed and TF card adapter used. When taking screenshots, it just pop up a notice saying "an error has occured.". When taking photos, it pop up a message box saying "Could not save the image (C2-10828-9)".

I once thought it was caused by the SD2Vita plugin, but the problem wasn't solved after I uninstalled it. However, if I disable all plugins by holding L button while the system is booting up, it will be able to save pictures.

I also got amphetamin overclocking plugin and nonpdrm plugin installed, but I don't think they could cause any problem...

Thank you for your answer.
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Re: [OPEN] PSVita unable to take photos/screenshots

Post by StormSora » Wed Feb 19, 2020 10:58 am

I've got the same problem on my PS Vita.. I've found out it's an error due to VitaGrafix. If it's enabled, I can't take any image on my vita, no photos and no screenshots. However, I can make videos using the camera. This error actualy occured to me recently. I've formated my vita some times and only now I've got this, so, I think it's related.

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