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RetroArch Tools by SubZero Dezigns

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:41 pm
by Quake
Make your life easier by using these apps for your PC, PsVita, PS3, and w/e else.

Sync your Roms with your Thumbnail Images
via: Settings\User Interface\Appearance\Thumbnails\<Boxarts><Title Screens><ScreenShots>
Discover what images are missing. Find out if your image is misspelled in the Search function.
Options: None/Copy/Delete/Kill Images

None: Does nothing but discover what you are missing. From there, you can fix, find, or replace the image.
Copy: Copy your List of Roms Images to an Output Folder. - Faster Option Process
Delete: Deletes your non-matching images to the Recycle Bin. - Slow Option Process
Kill: Permanently Kill your non-matching images. - Slow Option Process
Now Search Subdirectories
Many other Options

New for 1.0.6
* Fixed: Imagelist Error
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Are you sick of your Roms not showing up in the Playlist? Not any more.
Manually make your Playlist of your Roms for RetroArch. RetroArch relies on a DB(Database) of a Rom List.
If your Game(Rom) is not in the RetroArch DB it'll not show up in the Playlist under the Console Section.
Rectify this by Manually Making your own Playlist.
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New for 1.0.9
* Fixed: Imagelist Error

Full Change logs @Trading-post

You can grab them here on my site: Trading-Post

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