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Wololo Ads

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Wololo Ads

Post by Beatnukem » Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:15 pm

Hi wololo!

I visit almost every day since I really enjoy the good updates on the PS Vita scene.

I understand that you have to finance the page using ads, and I am fine with that.

While I think sometimes it's a bit too much and it got more and more during the 'dry' period I still get you have to eat so I am fine with that too.

Unfortunately lately some of the ads hosted on your articles/main page became that aggressive that they redirect me after couple of seconds. This makes it impossible to fully read/enjoy your articles which is really a shame.

I am using an non-jailbreaked IPhone on latest FW with the build in safari web browser so using an ad-blocker is not possible.

To come to an conclusion I would really apreciate if you would spend mote effort to prevent those shady ads beeing hosted on your web page. It really hurts the quality of


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