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SNES Emulator for PS2.

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SNES Emulator for PS2.

Post by gamr13 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 2:36 pm

This is SNES Station (USB) for anyone who's wondering.

Listen up Slim and possibly Phat users, there's an issue with changing settings on this one, a fix for this is if you press the .elf in ulaunchelf and time it correctly (On my screen I get white marks signalling a PAL to NTSC change, so I time it to the second white flash) open the disc tray of your console, now you should be able to change and save your settings without freezing. Keep your disc tray open if you need to further adjust the settings or center the screen. Close it when you know you're done.


Credits: A. Lee (Hiryu).
(Please contact me if I get this wrong.)
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