Advertising (This ad goes away for registered users. You can Login or Register) is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by jonny_619 »

I'd like to save up for the next VHBL exploit, so this is nice :)
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by TheRealFinnZoidberg »

With the Patapon 2 exploit for the PSP, I remember I used to stay at night just to look for more roms for the GBA emulator. Ah, sweet memories...
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by Scrumilation »

When i was 10 i bought the psp 3000, and i already knew what i was going to do with it.
Jailbreak and download free games, i had no idea what the heck was cfw or homebrew, i just wanted free games like the ones i used to buy for 5 dollars anywhere for the ps2, but even cheaper.
So i searched for ways to do it on the internet (youtube) and found chickhen, **** magic, it seemed so easy on the video but it took me like 3 days to get it working hahahaha.
I still remember how happy i got when the ps3 screen turned green, than got some strange lines and it restarted.
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by gbvnqwe »

Happy Birthday
I used to play PSP and sometime i found a new Board "PSV"
Wololo , happy to see u hack PSV in the feture
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by Ricot »

I think in 2009 when I was 12(haha I'm still pretty young?) I was trying to hack my new PSP that take me one year to finally have, because my mom says "If you don't pass your grade with the first place then no PSP" man I was like "REALLY?!?" it was hard but having a PSP in that time was like "**** YEAH, I have a PSP and you don't!!" <-This really happen xD
Anyway I end up here when trying to hack my PSP, and since then I'm a daily or weekly member(I mean that at least I enter in the site weekly, it's rare that I forgot to enter) but you don't see me around so much because I'm not the guy that "Ohh news!! have to say something :D" <-No offense just a joke
Well that's all for my part :)

P.S: Sorry for my bad english :roll:
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by fate6 »

I love how many people admit to being piraty pirate and still expect to get chosen :lol:


I started with PSP hacking when I got my first PSP and wondered if it was possible to play pokemon on it so after some googling I bought a Pandora Battery since at the time it was the only way
then a few years passed and I had nothing to do so I googled "PSP hacks" just to see what would show up and found this site

I was a learky learker till I got a Vita and wanted to use it as a extremely expensive GBA till some games were released for the thing

after the first ninja relese I saw that in the blog post wololo said members get it first so I joind but did not post cause I had nothing to say
it wasn't till I figured it would be better to find my own exploit so I wouldn't have to worry about Sony patching it that I made my first post which was me asking for help on a possible user exploit ^__^
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by Tyreethetruth4 »

I been following wololo since 2009 but however have not registered up until 2011 but never even posted lol. I was just too concerned about the news rather than contributing but hey never too late to start right?

I have been a follower of wololo since early 2009. Back when I wanted a PSP so badly. I finally got one in christmas 2009 and I really wanted to put CFW on it because I seen videos of it and what it can do and it was hopeless because at the time 6.20 was impossible to put CFW on and then my idiot brother updated to 6.31 when he stole my psp and tried to play it.Then I learned about HBL from wololo around 2010. So that was my workaround until a CFW was made for 6.20/6.31. There finally was a CFW for 6.20/6.31 by total noob and PRO team. Back then you had to use HBL to use the CFW but there was a update to it where you didn’t need HBL anymore but everytime you boot your PSP you had to enable the CFW again until someone made a permanate patch so in essence you had a actual CFW rather than CFW enabler. My PSP is broken now but I had a great run with my PSP.
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by musashiro »

my brother got me a PINK psp 3006 2 or 3 years ago. they sales lady said that if you shut the psp down, the games will be gone. so out of curiosity i did and the games are "gone"

i researched about the egg catching game that you do in the images section. its kind of fun! so i got the egg and found out that there is a 5.50 gen d3 installer in the memory stick of the psp, so i assumed that i have to install that, and boom! permanent brick!!

luckily my brother sent it for replacement and all is good. i got a pearl white instead,,

i discovered wololo when total_noob got famous and i've been reading actively ever since...

now my psp is running 6.20 pro cfw and now the screen have some lines... i got these screen problem last week... i guess i leaned on the psp while it is in my bag...

i got a vita, and i recently got rid of UNO exploit to play soul sacrifice!

i spend more time with my ps3 now. it's "homebrew-enabled". if you know what i mean... :D
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by sonic10ultimate »

around the time the ps vita was realised in NA (north america, close to where i live) i started to search for ps vita hacks, in a post someone said hello world and VHBL and now i check wololo on a daily basis
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by pspfanMOHH »

I have known wololo since, I was there when DaX was beginning his time. I personally followed wololo since 2008 when wagic first released, joined the forums in 2011 when the talk menu poped up on the top. I admit to have used offline cheats, I never pirated (I calls meh pirate king of One Piece not piracy), I use real money to look for exploits.

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