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email client

Version : Beta6

Release Date: 2007/02/10

Notes for this version: - Support for 2.x+ firmwares, that means WPA connections will now work. Note that only the "Automatic" (DHCP) connections work with the 2.x version. Tested on 3.03 OE-A.
- This means there are 2 versions to choose from when downloading: FW15 and FW2x. If you must have a manually configured connection, use FW15 (that means no WPA). If you're experiencing crashes on FW2x, try to reproduce them with FW15 version since it's able to produce more debug info (crash.log).
- Analog stick navigation now disabled by default. Can be enabled from the Input tab in the Settings window.
- Fixed a bug in the network connection detection that meant the app wouldn't start because it incorrectly thought no network connections were present.
- A crash.log is now created when the FW15 version crashes with a blue screen. If reporting crashes when running the FW15 version, please attach the crash.log file.


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PSPoste - Beta6 Download from (indirect link)