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Sonymon is a 2d game where the player can play in one of two modes:
story mode, or free roam.....

-In story mode the player witnesses the creation of "Sonymon" and struggles to
fix the mess they cause.

-In free roam the player walks around collecting items and unlocking secrets, while battling and finding new sonymon.

Version : v0.2

Release Date: 2012/02/8

Notes for this version: -increased AI speed
-fixed some battle bugs
-fixed player name glitch
-changed font
-removed many global variables and created 5 slots for sonymon to be held in
-fixed many different bugs
-got rid of story mode (not enough resources)
-varied sonymon that can be battled
-added new sonymon
-changed entrance effects and battle sounds
-added more battle move animations
-fixed sonymon description table glitch


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Sonymon v0.2 *signed* Download from (indirect link)