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Stylish shoot-em-up

Version : 0.8

Release Date: 2005/11/18

Notes for this version: NEW IN V0.8

- ogg vorbis support: original soundtracks by Kenta Cho provided for stages 1-5 and 3 ENDLESS modes

- tracker music support (s3m, xm, mod) is still in place (tracker music is provided for stages 6-10)

- custom ogg, s3m,xm,mod music support: replace existing stg00.*,stg0.*-stg9.* files in sounds directory with your favorite music (there are plenty of mp3/wav/atrac --> ogg converion tools available on the net).

- minor code optimizations.

Note, that ogg decoding requires more CPU cycles. So you may want to keep tracker music for late & action packed stages of the game to make the things run faster.

You can reset the High Scores by deleting the noiz2sa.prf...

You can still customize almost all other aspects of the gameplay or chose the "classic" settings - just read the atatched documentation.


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1.5 kernel (source) Download from (indirect link)