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Ultima VII, the Best RPG of all times on your PSP!

ExultPSP is a port of Exult v1.2 (http://exult.sourceforge.net) which is a framework that allows you to play one of the greatest CRPGs of all time, Ultima VII. It requires you to have the original game(s), Black Gate/Forge of Virtue and/or Serpent Isle/Silver Seed, as it recreates Ultima VII by using the original graphics and data files. ExultPSP does not include these for legal reasons. Please do not ask me for them.

Latest Version : Version 2.2

Release Date: 2008/08/29

Notes for this version:

  • - Serpent Isle is now playable!

  • - CFW Supported build.

  • - Uses the extra memory on SLIM PSPs.

  • - TV Video out support for SLIM PSP: hold down TRIANGLE when booting for the menu (thanks JF/ChillyWilly).

  • - Added an ingame Runechart to help you decode signs: WHILE reading a sign, hit START to toggle the chart on (you can toggle it OFF the same way)

  • - The "data" directory where the assets are stored has been renamed to "resources", this is where the music OGG files, sound effects, and everything else goes.

  • - Analog mouse sensitivity can now be adusted in the config file, for those who are getting a "drifting" mouse pointer after moving the mouse. The current value of 35 should work for most, but if you still notice some drift, you can increase this one point at a time until the problem disappears. (Maximum value is 48). The area in the config file to make the change is obvious :)



Find download links for ExultPSP below.

ExultPSP 2.2 Download from thefoodsucks.com (direct link)
ExultPSP signed.rar Download from mediafire.com (indirect link)

Older Versions

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