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Decrypts EDAT files

Usage: edat3tool type, input edat, valid rapfile, output bin
type – type of edat to decrypt: -psx, -psp, , -klic, -npdrm1, -npdrm2, -npdrm3

input edat – path to edat to decrypt
rap file – path to valid rap file for edat
output bin – path to save decrypted data

For windows users -> uncomment line 33 and comment line 34 of EDAT.cs
For *NIX users -> uncomment line 34 and comment line 33 of EDAT.cs

The edat format MUST be ISO.BIN.EDAT

Latest Version : 3

Release Date: 2013/03/24

Notes for this version: Now with proper RAP/EDAT decryption


Find download links for edat3tool below.

edat3tool (EDAT Tool v3) Download from mediafire.com (indirect link)
(Some additional links are pending review for this version)


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