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a comic book reader

Latest Version : Pspcomic v.1.0.1

Release Date: 2008/09/9

Notes for this version: This is a MINOR version upgrade, and likely the last official version of PSPComic. However, if you feel like you can improve it, you can always release your own version due to the fact that it's released under the GPL. Just make sure to follow the terms! I warn you though, the source is kind of a mess.


[Feature] Archives are now detected when opening by contents instead of extension. However, menus are still generated by extension
[Feature] Shift-JIS support for filenames when the PSP's character set is set to Shift-JIS
[Feature] Zoom box colors can now be customized in themes, as well as error text color
[Bugfix] Fixed a RAR loading bug
[Bugfix] No more weird behavior on resume or when the memory stick is removed, however the program will claim that no memory stick is inserted for a small period of time after the program is resumed
[Bugfix] Fixed file handle leak in directory reading
And many more minor changes.


Find download links for PSPComic below.

PSPCOMIC 1.0.1 mod signed (shrunk).rar Download from (indirect link)


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